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Problem with a girl

Hi everyone,

I don’t really know what to do. There’s such a beautiful girl in my class.  Since I saw her 1st time I’ have been crazy about her. Everytime I see her I have butterfly in stomach. The only problem is she doesn’t pay attention at me!!! I made everything. For example I threw her a paper ball under shirt, I put worms into her pencil-case, I glued to her back a piece of paper with an inscription: “kick my ass” or I gave her a sandwich, which unfortunately was musty. And the best of my ideas: I poured yoghurt into her bag! But she still keeps ignoring me. What do you think should I do:  ignore her to make her madly in love or still realize my briliant ideas? Could you give me some advice, please?

Freaky Fred, 21


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agony column



my mom got me covergirl makeup brushes, and they hurt my face a lottttt. what to do?
she had a coupon for 8 dollars off 2, so she got me 2 makeup brushes for like under a dollar
so i opened them out of the package, and i tried them out and ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch
the bristles are so rough!! it really hurts my face to use! plus they stink kind of bad but i think thats cuz theyre new
so what should i do? should i bother returning them? its only like a dollar so its not much money but still
she got me i think the mineral powder foundation brush, and the blush brush. but i dont even use blush so idk what ill use that brush for
so i guess im asking, what should i do with them? do they work good? should i just deal with the pain? i already have a makeup brush thats really soft and i use that for my powder foundation and my bare minerals mineral veil, i dont really need separate brushes
if i should keep them, how do i make them softer?

Jak tłumaczy to google translate :):)

moja mama, mamy covergirl pędzle do makijażu, a oni inaczej twarz lottttt mój pies. Co robić?
She Had 8 kupon na dwa dolary off, ona ma powiedzieć, że są jak dwa pędzle do makijażu w dolara
Tak więc otworzył je z opakowania, a ja starałem się i ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch Them
szczeciny są szorstkie do powiedzenia! to naprawdę boli, do korzystania z mojej twarzy! Plus one inaczej smród rodzaju złe, ale myślę, że to bo są nowe
Więc co należy zrobić? powinno niepokoić i zwracanie ich? JEJ tylko jak dolar to znaczy jej nie dużo pieniędzy, ale nadal
Myślę, że ona ma proszek mineralny pędzlem fundament, szczotki rumieniec. ale nie używam rumieniec Nawet idk co powiedzieć, że będę używać szczotki
Sądzę więc, że im zapytać, co należy z nimi zrobić? w przeciwnym wypadku dobrą pracę? należy po prostu radzić sobie z bólem? Mam już pędzlem do makijażu to naprawdę miękkie i dla mojego To i mój proszku fundacji Bare Mineral Veil Minerały, dont naprawdę ocenić je szczotki kowal
czy należy je zachować, Jak zrobić bardziej miękkie Them?


Sticky skin after washing?

After I wash my hands, thoroughly at that, they feel really sticky for a minute or 2 before drying completely. Like I said, I wash them, not just turn on the tap and put my hands under for a sec. I’ve looked it up, and found acquired cutaneous adherence. I didn’t really find much on it, so I decided to post here, to see if anyone notices this too. Even if I use a towel, they’re still sticky until they dry. Anyone else?

Will I be a virgin forever?

I went to the doctor today to have a problem with my lymph nodes tested. They’re in my groin, so I expected a swab. Which terrified me.
When I was about to have the swab done I was scared to death. It was a tiny cottom swab but when they put it in it was so uncomfortable and scary I was almost crying. I actually was more happy to have my blood drawn.
I hate putting things inside me; the most I’ve done is about one finger, which even then felt uncomfortable and scary. I like the idea of sex, but with my fear that I experienced atthe doctor with the tiny cotton swab made me think that maybe I’ll be too scared to even have sex. Will I be a virgin forever? How do I get over this stupid fear?




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