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expressing feelings :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

I felt so excited. 😀

I was really looking forward to it. 😀

This was just what I needed. 😀

It was a shock that…. o.O

That was not what I had expected. 😦

It was a little bit disappointing. 😦

I was disappointed when… 😦

I was scared to death of falling down 😛    ==>  I was scared of…. :O

It was all the same to me. -.-

I’m not sure if/when/how it happened. ^^

I’m not sure who did it/what happened.^^

I have my doubst about it. -.-

I couldn’t wait to… 😛

I was frightened :O:O:O

I don’t really know if/what/who… ^^

more phrases: 🙂 😉 😀 😛




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Dear Judyta,

Thanks for your letter. It was a nice suprise to hear from you again after so many months. I’m sorry I haven’t written for so long, but I was on holidays.

I was in the USA with my friends. I’ve been there about two months. We were on the trip across the USA. We were in Los Angeles, New York… New York is awesome. We were wissiting it all day. We were on Brooklyn, Manhattan… In Los Angeles I met Sam- a nice girl. Her grandparetns are from Poland. I spent with her 3 hours. In the USA I liked the most their food- I feel I put on weight. But I didn’t like thei weather- I’ve seen a hurricane!

Well, that’s all my news. Do drop me a line soon 🙂

Love, Renia

PS: come to me next month. my parents are going to Warsaw 🙂

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Frida Kahlo

Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderón was a Mexican surrealist painter, born in  Coyoacan, and perhaps best known for her self-portraits.

In 1925, when she was 18, she suffered from a serious injuries in the accident. After the accident, Kahlo turned her attention away from the study of medicine to begin a full-time painting career. Her paintings , often shocking, show the pain and harsh life of women.

Her life was full of pain because of her failed relationships, including two marriages to one man who later died and numerous love affairs, culminating in a fiasco. This was evident in her paintings.

Her interest in women’s issues and sincerity of expression, meant that she has become a symbol of feminism in the last years of the twentieth century.

In 13 July 1954 she committed suicide.


Frida’s gallery–> http://www.mystudios.com/women/klmno/kahlo.html


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Dear Santa!

I’m writing to you, because I have request:  Give my best friend, Zosia, scooter( with driving licence, of course;) ), because she lives out side of Opole and It’s hard to meet her because she doesn’t have to leave or come back home.

Zosia has dark, straight, long hair and blue eyes.  She always wears black sweater and Jeans ( but recently she wears skirts, and it worries me ), so You recognised her without any problem. Zosia is very crazy ;] for example:  Recently we talked by phone.  Suddenly she stopped me and she said that she call back later, because she lost her phone (by which she spoked with me). Zosia is very lazy too- I have to beg that she go out with me. But she is a good friend.

Santa, please, give her scooter ( with driving licence of course!), she needs it and I need her company. If you do that, I promise, that I’ll come to you for tea and I’ll bring you your favourite chocolate cake.. 🙂

Love, Renia

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0.75 liter of milk,

0.25 liter of cream,

6 egg yolks,

40 dkg of sugar,

vanilla stick


1 liter of milk,

0.25 liter of cream,

12 egg yolks,

40 dkg of sugar,

vanilla or vanilla sugar


1. Boil the vanilla, milk and cream.

2. Grate the egg yolks with sugar and,  still stirring, pour the milk with vanilla and cream into the yolks ( not vice versa).

3. Then put it back on a low fire, and keep stirring while on fire, so that the weight slightly thickened, but not to boil (boiled milk with egg yolk is brewed).

4. Set aside from the heat and stir-cool.

5. Quite cold liquid in a flat pan insert into the freezer for 2-3 hours and stir every 20-30 minutes.

Bon appetit! 😉

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Hi! It’s me ;D

Hi, I’m Renia and I’m 16.

I have long, dark hair and brown eyes. I’m medium- high. I usually wear jeans and T-shirts.

I’m very lazy  and cheeky, but sometimes I’m nice ;D

I have sense of humor and I’m sociable and honest.

My friends say that I’m friendly and crazy ;D

I’m good at math and English.

I hate spiders, spinach and history ;P and sport 😉 but I like watching volleyball.

My favourite colour is black ;>

I like listen to rock and pop music.

My favourite singer is Avril Lavigne and my favourite band is Paramore.

I play the guitar.

I like reading books especially science-fiction and criminals.

I love cats <33

Kota (Mruczka) <33 :

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