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MUSIC with the message

It isn’t SONG with the message, but it’s the MUSIC with the message.

This music is special and beautiful. Grieg is one of the best composer of  ‘music that ilustrate a world’.  When you close your eyes you can imagine that you’re really in the hall of mountain king.


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Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera

He was born on 08.12.1886 and died 24.11.1957.
Diego’s wife was Frida Kahlo. He was a Mexican painter, architect and graphic.He studied in France, Italy and Spain.
In his works there are the elements of cubism.He is famous mainly for creating murals (decorative wall work ). He was respected and well known. In 1933 he made the order for a multimillionaire Rockefeller.
Diego loved women. His numerous romances caused his divorce with Frida.


La noche de los pobres

Fllower seller

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My name is Monika and I’m 16. I go to school in Opole. I have long, dark blodne hair. I have blue eyes. I play the piano.
I always meet with my friends.
I like watching films and my favourite film is “ Nightmare on elm street”.


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