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An untypical love problem


My name is Jane. I’m writing to you, because I have a really annoying situation with one of my friends. It all started two weeks ago, when I recieved a huge bunch of flowers with a bar of chocolate from an anonymous person. I had no idea who it was and how he or she got my address. However, I kept getting unexpected gifts and unwanted love letters. I started to be really scared and anxious about this subject. When I was about to call a private detective, I found out the secret admirer was one of my friends who I lost contact with long time ago! He found my address on my Facebook account. The matter is I still like him and it was nice to talk with him once again, because he is a wonderful person, BUT sadly I do not feel the same – I like him as a friend and I want our relationship like this. I told him in a kind way I don’t want to be his girlfriend, but it seems he won’t give up so fast. So, would you give me some advice about this subject, please? I really have no idea what I should do. I don’t want to lose a friend. However, I can’t imagine receiving gifts from a person I don’t love all the time. I look forward to receiving your reply.

Jane, 17


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Asking for advice

What do you think I should do?

Do you think I should … ?

Can I ask your opinion about something?

If you were me, what would you do?

May I ask you for advice?

What advice would you give me?

Could you give me some advice, please?

What is your opinion about this subject?

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My totally awesome letter

Dear Martyna,

Thank you for your lovely postcard. It’s good to know you’re fine and had great time during holiday. As for me, everything goes well.

I’d like to describe you my journey to Cracow. I visited this beautiful city in June and decided to stay there for five days. It wasn’t a problem, since I was invited by my friend. She is studying Hebrew language and culture, and showed me the Great Synagogue – I absolutely loved it, it was incredible! The only thing I didn’t like was horrible rainy weather. However, I had a chance to meet a very interesting person – the artist, who paints with his feet! I even recieved a signed painting.

By the way, would you like to come and visit me in Opole? It would be great to see you! Please, drop me a line soon.

All the best,


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My totally amazing house

I live in a spacious house, which is situated in a small town called Otmęt. My house is certainly big; it has three bedrooms, one huge bathroom, large kitchen and living room. There is also quite big patio, which is perfect for relaxing outside, especially in the summer. As for the inside, the house includes wooden floors, huge windows (which make rooms full of light) and a lot of flowers. The neighbourhood is OK, but could be better; not all people are nice, most of them are rather annoying and, for example, leave a lot of litter around our house or take their dogs for a walk right near it. As for question, who the house is suitable for, I’d say it is perfect for me and nobody else; it is MY house after all. 😀

*I will add some photo later.*


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A letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa Claus,

I’m writing to You because I would like to ask You for present for my friend, Alexander. I want to give him something special this year, because he’s a great musician and it would be such a pity to waste his talent… He is also seriously ill and I’d love to give him some solace.

Alexander is nearly 20 years old. His height appears to be a bit outstanding. He has got very long, wavy, blonde hair; this hairstyle perfectly fits to his round freckled face. Alex’s left eye is greyish-green, while right eye is pure grey. He is also very pale, weak and usually feels tired, because he suffers from anemia… However, he is always truly optimistic and helpful, and has never abandoned a person in need; he’s such a lovely friend!

Alexander dreams about a cello; he is incredibly talented and plays this instrument amazingly. Too bad he doesn’t have his own one. He is unable to work because of his illness and can’t earn money himself. Besides, he has to learn a lot for his studies.

If you fulfil his dream, I promise I will never ever complain about anything and be more optimistic, because by making him happy I’ll recive the most precious gift in my entire life!



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Delicious waffles!

I apologize for adding my recipe so late, but I had huge problems with the internet (for almost month… duh.). Fortunately, everything went well and here you are – a recipe for delicious waffles!


– 250 g flour

– 125 g butter

– 50 g sugar

– 1 bag of vanilla sugar

– 4 eggs

– 1 teaspoon of baking powder

– 1/4 litre of milk (or cream)*

– pinch of salt


*I suggest you to use cream; when I was preparing waffles for the first time, I decided to use milk… and consistency of my product was far too thin. Besides, milk created a lot of tiny lumps, completely impossible to mix, which made my tasty waffles doughy and sticky! Horrible…

Got everything from recipe? Let’s prepare the waffles!

First, mix the butter with sugar and vanilla sugar, add salt and flour with baking powder. Then, add one egg at a time, mix all by your hand or use a food mixer, till you get thick, flaky mass. Now there’s time for cream – it is better to carefully pour one tablespoon by one than adding everything at once; it will be easier for you to get the right consistency. Neatly mix your dough. Pour 2 soup-ladles of mass in the middle of preheated waffle-iron.Bake each waffle for 4 minutes.
As for decorating, trust your imaginary – you can use almost everything (that is eatable, of course) you want! For example, I prefer to eat waffles with ice-cream and chocolate.

Good luck and enjoy your meal.~ 🙂

(Picture will appear soon… I hope.)

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Be prepared – this introduction is long!

My name is Kinga and I am sixteen years old.
My height appears to be completely average. I’ve got dark blonde hair and its strands wave a bit near my cheeks. My present hairstyle is medium with a fringe that reaches eyebrows and almost completely covers my forehead.
There is a scar under my left eye, but it is barely noticable. My eyes are greyish-green. I always wear glasses due to my weak eyesight. However, I would never try contactlenses to hide it; I treat my glasses as an interesting addition to my style, mainly because of their frame’s purple colour.
I must say I’m not very confident type of human; in fact, most of the time my shyness does not allow me to feel free, especially when I have to talk with a stranger. Usually high number of people around me confuses me a lot; being a center of attention might be nice in my opinion, althought I’m simply afraid of making some awkward mistakes while socializing with others. But once you try to lead a conversation with me, then give me a chance to speak and ask about something, I can become very talkative; ability of speech is my second nature and I always have many things to say.
Remember: I’m not so deadly serious but just shy.
I am a person with a typical artist’s soul and because of it I love art and music; they’re certainly my huge passions. I can spend long hours listening to my favourite musicians and drawing a lot of detailed sketches. As for music, kind doesn’t play an important role for me; I listen to songs I like, no matter, if it is classical or metal. Good music is the one with perfect melody and outstanding lyrics. But if you would like to know what I listen to, I prefer Russian artists, such as Dima Bilan, MakSim or group called “Serebro” and Alexandrov’s Choir, Metallica, Apocalyptica, Breaking Benjamin, E. S. Posthumus, Nikonn and many, many more. I play flute, but I would like to learn how to play cello; it’s my favourite instrument which perfectly fits to my taste. I sing a lot (but only when I am alone) and try to write own lyrics and compose melodies. I read many books and write my own stories from time to time (I hope this text is not going to kill you, because it is getting incredibly long…); creativity is one of the most vivid parts of my mind and I like to use it in many different ways. I’ve started drawing at age of ten, mostly because of some amazing comic’s influence. Now I can easily say I am professionalist. I owe my precission to long years of practise and even complaining about how terribly I draw (seriously, I am never satisfied with final results). My older brother draws with me (and because of me); both of us share many interests about favourite artists, etc. I love drawing portraits and prefer realistic art, although my style is very similar to old American comic books. I still have some favourite ones, like Marvel comics (“Hulk” and “Punisher”).
Thing that gives me a lot of pleasure is learning foreign languages. English and Russian are my beloved ones, especially Russian; it sounds almost like some kind of meaningful melody. Besides, I love Russia and Russian culture really very much and hope to visit this country one day. One of my biggest dreams is to learn as many languages and visit as many coutries of Europe as possible.
I would love to be an artist of many talents due to being simply too ambitious; that’s why I search for new interests and try to be as much open-minded as possible.

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