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An untypical love problem


My name is Jane. I’m writing to you, because I have a really annoying situation with one of my friends. It all started two weeks ago, when I recieved a huge bunch of flowers with a bar of chocolate from an anonymous person. I had no idea who it was and how he or she got my address. However, I kept getting unexpected gifts and unwanted love letters. I started to be really scared and anxious about this subject. When I was about to call a private detective, I found out the secret admirer was one of my friends who I lost contact with long time ago! He found my address on my Facebook account. The matter is I still like him and it was nice to talk with him once again, because he is a wonderful person, BUT sadly I do not feel the same – I like him as a friend and I want our relationship like this. I told him in a kind way I don’t want to be his girlfriend, but it seems he won’t give up so fast. So, would you give me some advice about this subject, please? I really have no idea what I should do. I don’t want to lose a friend. However, I can’t imagine receiving gifts from a person I don’t love all the time. I look forward to receiving your reply.

Jane, 17


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Structure of informal letter

The structure of informal letter is quite simple. First of all you need to remember not to place any adresses it is not needed. Usually you start the letter with some friendly words and with a sociable phrase for example: How are you?

In the main part of the letter you write about ordinary things like what changed or whats new. You can use common phrases and short forms. End the list with your signature.

For example you can use:

– Write soon

– Keep in touch

-Lots of love

-Hope to hear from you

-It was great to hear from you

-I’m sorry i haven’t written so long

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Describing my house

I live in a semi-detached house, in the suburbs. Ilive with my grandparents. The neighbourhood is safe. There are nice people who like going to the cinema and restaurants. The Bus station  is a ten minute walk from my house. I have a nice view from my room. There is a huge forest with small river near my house.

My house isn’t small. It has four bedrooms , and two living rooms, a large kitchen with small basement. It has two small balconies. The house has wooden floors, cable television and internet connection. It has a small chimney in the living room.

It’s a perfect place for old people who want to spend the rest of their lives calm. It isn’t far to the cinema and the thaeatre. There are a few restrictions . It’s a no-smoking house and no dogs. I am alergic to dogs fur.I like my house because it’s a very cosy place.


K Kamil Radziszewski klasa 1c

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Potatoe pancakes


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  audioslave is awesome!!

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My name is kamil. Im sixteen years old. I am tall and slim. I have got short,brown hair and blue eyes. I am lively and cheerful kind of person. I am hard working. I am very interesting person. I m listen to classic rock music. Examples of my favourite bands are: Led Zeppelin, Neil Young , Pearl Jam, audioslave, nirvana, system of a down. I m going to the gym twice a week. I’m interested in books. I love cycling and running everywhere I can.

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