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A terrible problem ;O

Hey, my name is Tim and I have a big problem ! I sweat all the time, especially when I’m nervous and I’m with the girl who I like. Addictionally I have a bad luck ;// One day when I was in Jenny’s house she showed me a crystal vase which is very important for her family. Unfortunatelly I broke it because I have sweaty palms ! I’m not sure how it happened! I was scared of her parents’ reactions. When I escaped through the window I threw a flowerpot on her father’s head.  It was a shock and I thought that I killed him! Luckily he recovered consciousness after 15 minutes. I felt terrible so next day I went to apologize and gave him a present- helmet. Jenny’s father was embarassed and didn’t take the helmet. What am I suppossed to do ? Maybe should I go to museum and steal the same beauthiful vase? How do I get rid of excesses sweaties? Maybe should I take some medicines or should I search a four-leaf clover? Could you give me some advice, please?


October 5, 2011 - Posted by | Iwona, Marysia, Patrycja


  1. Your problem is really hard. In my opinion you should break up with Jenny because in your situation you cant do anything better.Try to start everything from the beginning. Maybe 1st you should go to a specialist who can help you with your sweat problem and next when Jenny’s father propably forget about this accident you can try to be again with her. But in my opinion you have no chance :):)
    Try to look for another girl.

    Comment by zani1994 | October 5, 2011 | Reply

  2. Hi,
    I think you should buy some medicines for to big sweating, for example: Dioptrian, which you can buy in every chemistry’s.If your feet are too much sweating , you can buy also antisweating inserts.I’m definetly sure it works, because I’m using them too.You shouldn’t be scare of her family. Remember, you must fight with your weakness. If you defeat them, you will be much more confident.

    Comment by kamil10071994 | October 6, 2011 | Reply

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