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Problem with a girl

Hi everyone,

I don’t really know what to do. There’s such a beautiful girl in my class.  Since I saw her 1st time I’ have been crazy about her. Everytime I see her I have butterfly in stomach. The only problem is she doesn’t pay attention at me!!! I made everything. For example I threw her a paper ball under shirt, I put worms into her pencil-case, I glued to her back a piece of paper with an inscription: “kick my ass” or I gave her a sandwich, which unfortunately was musty. And the best of my ideas: I poured yoghurt into her bag! But she still keeps ignoring me. What do you think should I do:  ignore her to make her madly in love or still realize my briliant ideas? Could you give me some advice, please?

Freaky Fred, 21


October 5, 2011 Posted by | Karolina, Zaneta, Zosia | 6 Comments

A terrible problem ;O

Hey, my name is Tim and I have a big problem ! I sweat all the time, especially when I’m nervous and I’m with the girl who I like. Addictionally I have a bad luck ;// One day when I was in Jenny’s house she showed me a crystal vase which is very important for her family. Unfortunatelly I broke it because I have sweaty palms ! I’m not sure how it happened! I was scared of her parents’ reactions. When I escaped through the window I threw a flowerpot on her father’s head.  It was a shock and I thought that I killed him! Luckily he recovered consciousness after 15 minutes. I felt terrible so next day I went to apologize and gave him a present- helmet. Jenny’s father was embarassed and didn’t take the helmet. What am I suppossed to do ? Maybe should I go to museum and steal the same beauthiful vase? How do I get rid of excesses sweaties? Maybe should I take some medicines or should I search a four-leaf clover? Could you give me some advice, please?

October 5, 2011 Posted by | Iwona, Marysia, Patrycja | 2 Comments

Emigrant problem

Hi, I have a really important problem. I am from Ukraine but I live in Poland for four months. The validity of my visa ends next month. I must get married with a polish man or go back to my country. I prefer to stay in Poland because I have a good work here. I don’t want to come back to Ukraine because getting a visa is very difficult. Three months ago I met a Pole who wants to be my husband but he is a Catholic and I am an orthodox. He doesn’t want to his wife be of another faith. Have I to agree to change their faith? What do you think I should do? Lots of love.

October 5, 2011 Posted by | Ania, Mirela, Ola P | 2 Comments

An untypical love problem


My name is Jane. I’m writing to you, because I have a really annoying situation with one of my friends. It all started two weeks ago, when I recieved a huge bunch of flowers with a bar of chocolate from an anonymous person. I had no idea who it was and how he or she got my address. However, I kept getting unexpected gifts and unwanted love letters. I started to be really scared and anxious about this subject. When I was about to call a private detective, I found out the secret admirer was one of my friends who I lost contact with long time ago! He found my address on my Facebook account. The matter is I still like him and it was nice to talk with him once again, because he is a wonderful person, BUT sadly I do not feel the same – I like him as a friend and I want our relationship like this. I told him in a kind way I don’t want to be his girlfriend, but it seems he won’t give up so fast. So, would you give me some advice about this subject, please? I really have no idea what I should do. I don’t want to lose a friend. However, I can’t imagine receiving gifts from a person I don’t love all the time. I look forward to receiving your reply.

Jane, 17

October 5, 2011 Posted by | Kamil, Kinga, Mariusz | 4 Comments

I can’t be with my darling!

Dear Editor!

My name’s Emily. I’m 13 years old. I have very big problem, because the boy who I love, has a girlfriend. My darling name’s Jackob, he’s 17 years old and he’s very handsome. He has green eyes, fair curly hair, he is fat and short. He has freckles, a big mole on his cheek and wears glasses.  I know that he loves me but I think his girlfriend hits him and doesn’t allow him to be with me. Perhaps our age difference  disturbs him or is it my small breasts? Maybe he is ashamed of me? But he shouldn’t because I’m a beautiful woman! Please help me. What should I do?

October 5, 2011 Posted by | Ola B, Uncategorized | 3 Comments