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Papaya Dance !!!

Dancing: IIF & IIC, volunteers from AIESEC: Anna, Diana & Johnatan, Martyna & Judyta from Foreign Languages Teacher Training College and prof Wujec Kaczmarek & prof Kamforowska.


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My totally awesome letter

Dear Martyna,

Thank you for your lovely postcard. It’s good to know you’re fine and had great time during holiday. As for me, everything goes well.

I’d like to describe you my journey to Cracow. I visited this beautiful city in June and decided to stay there for five days. It wasn’t a problem, since I was invited by my friend. She is studying Hebrew language and culture, and showed me the Great Synagogue – I absolutely loved it, it was incredible! The only thing I didn’t like was horrible rainy weather. However, I had a chance to meet a very interesting person – the artist, who paints with his feet! I even recieved a signed painting.

By the way, would you like to come and visit me in Opole? It would be great to see you! Please, drop me a line soon.

All the best,


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Dear Judyta,

How are you? Thanks for your last letter. I’m sorry I haven’t written for so long.

I’m writting to you, because I want to describe my holidays. First month I spent at home but in August I was at the sea side with my cousins. I spent there 2 weeks. I think that the sea is amazing. I could sit on the beach all day and looked at the sea. I was very happy. I didn’t like sea food. I think it’s disgusting. I prefer ice-creams, specially fruties. A lot of evenings I spent with my cousins at the disco, because I love dancing. This place was near to our hotel. I liked music in this disco. Once upon a time on the party I met a boy. His name was Ignacy. He was wonderful and handsome. His eyes were big and brown. We spoke all night. I’m so lucky, because we keep in touch.

I miss you so much. I would like to invite you. Please write me soon.

Best wishes,

Patrycja xxx

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Dear Judyta,

How are you? Thank you for you last letter. J’m sorry I haven’t written for so long but I hadn’t time.

I want to write to you about my holidays. I was in Italy for two weeks. The people were nic but I had such a awful hotel. Food was cold and disgusting. I was in Coloseum and I think that this place is special. I want to be here again. In the restaurant i Athens I met such a handsome guy whgo took my phone number and now we write to each other on facebook.

Well, that’s all my news. Do drop me a time soon. You should come to me because I miss you so much. Give my best wishes to the family.

Yours, Marysia 😉

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Dear Judyta,

Thanks for your last letter. I’m sorry I haven’t written for so long.

This year I was on holiday with my family. We were in Zakopane. There I was one week. We stayed in a hotel. Our room was pretty. Zakopane is very beautiful town. I with my mother like the main street ‘Krupówki’. There are shops with souvenirs and very delicious things. One day, when we went to ‘Morskie Oko’ it was raining. It was horrible, because I had short jeans and I had wet legs. I didn’t like it. ‘Morskie Oko’ it a beautiful lake in the mountains. There is one big hostel, where people can eat or drink something. My mother took many photographs. In my hotel was nice girl too. Her name is Ewa. She was 17 years old. Every evening we went to the center and we had a great time.

I hope that you will visit me soon.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kisses, Ola

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Dear Judyta,

How are you? Thanks for your last letter. I’m sorry I haven’t written for so long. I want to tell you about my holidays.

I spent two weeks on the farm in Chruścice. I visited my cousin Ewa. I liked the disco there the most. There were a lot of people. I met a very handsome guy. His name is Mark. He has short, brown hair and he is very tall. He is talkative and responsible. In the evenings we walked to the forest, we had bonfires and we played tennis. One day I was riding a horse and I fell from the horseback. That was horrible! I twisted my ankle. Fortunatelly on the next day I felt fine. My favourite place was a lake in the wood. There are a lot of fabulous flowers. People go there to swim.

Anyway, I have to finish now. I hope that you will visit me soon. 😉

Do drop me a line soon. Take care! 🙂

Yours, Iwona

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Dear Judyta,

Thanks for your letter. It was a nice suprise to hear from you again after so many months. I’m sorry I haven’t written for so long, but I was on holidays.

I was in the USA with my friends. I’ve been there about two months. We were on the trip across the USA. We were in Los Angeles, New York… New York is awesome. We were wissiting it all day. We were on Brooklyn, Manhattan… In Los Angeles I met Sam- a nice girl. Her grandparetns are from Poland. I spent with her 3 hours. In the USA I liked the most their food- I feel I put on weight. But I didn’t like thei weather- I’ve seen a hurricane!

Well, that’s all my news. Do drop me a line soon 🙂

Love, Renia

PS: come to me next month. my parents are going to Warsaw 🙂

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Oscar Pistorius

The person I greatly admire is Oscar Pistorius– a South African sprint runner. Known as  “the fastest man on no legs”, Pistorius, who has a double amputation, is the world record holder in the 100, 200 and 400 metres  events and runs with the aid of  carbon fibre transtibial artificial limbs.

On 16 May 2008, by the Court of Arbitration for Sport, Pistorius was allowed to run with healthy runners at the Olympics in Beijing. Although every case of athletes with disabilities will be considered separately, and Pistorius was eliminated in the semifinal, his participation in the championships can start a revolution.


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TED The Origins of Pleasure


1. fancy oneself – to fancy oneself mieć wysokie mniemanie o sobie

2. extort – to extort sth from or out of sb (by threat) wymu|sić, -szać coś od kogoś [money]

3. bring in – (involve) za|wezwać, sprowadz|ić

4. by all accounts – by all accounts he’s a rich man mówią o nim, że jest bogatym człowiekiem

5. amicable – /’æmıkbl/ adj (friendly) [gesture, manner, relationship] przyjazny, przyjacielski

6. heartening – pokrzepiający, dodający otuchy

7. imposter – oszust m, -ka f (podający się za kogoś) impostor m dat

8. endow – (bestow) obdarz|yć, -ać [person, animal] (with sth czymś); to be endowed with sth być obdarzonym czymś [ability, talent, attribute]; być wyposażonym w coś [facilities]

9. virile – /’vıraıl, US ‘vırl/ adj jurny, męski; fig (forceful, vigorous) [group, leadership] prężny; [prose] jędrny; [performance, dancing] dynamiczny

10. utility – (usefulness) użyteczność f, przydatność f

11. audacious – /’deı∫s/ adj (bold) [plan, decision] śmiały, zuchwały; (cheeky) [remark, treatment] bezczelny

12. stunned – (dazed) (with blow) ogłuszony; (with injection) odurzony (amazed, shocked) [person] (with news, death) zaszokowany; (with beauty) olśniony

12. malevolence – /m’levlns/ n wrogość f (towards sb w stosunku do or wobec kogoś)

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TED How Language Transformed Humanity

1. subversive /s b’vз sıv/ wywrotowy
2. conceit /k n’si t / (fancy) fanaberia
3. usurp /ju ‘zз p/ vt uzurpować sobie
4. accost / ‘k st/ vt zaczepi|ć, -ać; zagab|nąć, -ywać liter; (for sexual purposes) nagab|nąć, -ywać
5. hubris /’hju brıs/ n fml nieposkromiona pycha
6. adage /’ædıd / n porzekadło n, przysłowie
7. rig (about) (control fraudulently) s|fałszować [results, election]; ustawi|ć, -ać wyniki (czegoś)
8. taint /teınt/ (defect) (of crime, corruption, cowardice) piętno; (of contamination, infection, bias) ślad m
9. bustle – uwijać się, krzątać
10. team – jednoczyć, tworzyć zespół
11. lure /l (r)/ przynęta
12. flake łuszczyć i odłupywać
13. behoove /bı’hu v/ v impers US = behove
behove /bı’h v/ v impers GB fml it behoves you to do it (be proper) wypadałoby or dobrze byłoby, żebyś to zrobił; (be advantageous) w twoim własnym interesie leży, żeby to zrobić
14. strike a deal
15. shaft /∫ ft, US ∫æft/
(rod) (of tool) trzonek m; (of arrow, spear) drzewce n; (of sword) rękojeść f; (of column) trzon m; (in machine) wał m, wałek m; (on a cart) dyszel m; (of feather) stosina f; (of hair, bone) trzon m
remark) uwaga f; shaft of wit/wisdom dowcipna/mądra uwaga
vulg (penis) kutas m vulg
16. scuffle /’sk fl/n przepychanka f vi (fight) to scuffle with sb przepychać się z kimś
17. ensue /ın’sju , US -’su / vi [argument, fight] wywiąz|ać, -ywać się; [death, defeat, investigation] nast|ąpić, -ępować; to ensue from sth być skutkiem or następstwem czegoś, nastąpić w wyniku czegoś
18. languish /’læŋgwı∫/ vi
(lose vitality) [person] s|tracić animusz or werwę liter; [industry, organization] podupa|ść, -dać; to languish in the heat omdlewać w upale
(remain neglected) [person] marnieć; to languish in prison gnić w więzieniu; to languish in obscurity popaść w zapomnienie; to languish in poverty klepać biedę infml; to languish in a box/garage [object] poniewierać się w pudle/garażu
19. confine /k n’faın/
(in room, cell, prison, ghetto) zam|knąć, -ykać [person] (in or to sth w czymś); to confine oneself to sth/to doing sth ogranicz|yć, -ać się do czegoś/zrobienia czegoś
20. dalliance /’dælı ns/ n liter flirt m, zaloty plt; fig (with idea, political party) flirt m fig
21. conduit /’k ndıt, ‘k ndju ıt, US ‘k ndwıt/ n (pipe) rura f; (channel) kanał m
22. inexorable /ın’eks r bl/ adj [person, fate, march of time, logic] nieubłagany; [trend, rise, fall] niepowstrzymany; [will, person] nieugięty; [demands] nieustępliwy

Barnum & Bailey circus: http://www.ringling.com/

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