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Konkurs fotograficzny Comeniusa

Proszę bardzo o udział w konkursie fotograficznym na kalendarz Comeniusa.

Zasady są proste. Zróbcie zdjęcie sztuki ‘namurnej’ (graffiti, fresków w kościele, tagów i wszystkiego co namalowane na ścianie) i być może wasze zdjęcie stanie się częścią międzynarodowego kalendarza na rok 2012.

Good luck!



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Józef Konrad Korzeniowski

Józef Konrad Korzeniowski was born on 3rd of December in Berdyczów and he died on 3rd of August in Bishopsbourne. He was a Polish novelist and he wrote his books in English. His father, Apollo Korzeniowski, was a writer of politically themed, patriot and a translator. In 1874 he left for France and he didn’t graduate Gymnasium. He worked as a sailor. In 1894 he settled in England. One year later he published his first novel “Almayer’s Folly”. He used a pseudonym : Joseph Conrad. His books are psychological-moral. The action in his novel mostly takes place at sea.  He tried to commit suicide because he got in to debts and he was implicated in arms trade.


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MUSIC with the message

It isn’t SONG with the message, but it’s the MUSIC with the message.

This music is special and beautiful. Grieg is one of the best composer of  ‘music that ilustrate a world’.  When you close your eyes you can imagine that you’re really in the hall of mountain king.

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Spring 2011

I added this film to our blog with Mallorca. I think that it may be interesting for them.


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Very Important Things to Do :)

1. Online Workbook Unit 4 deadline

2. Test Unit 4

3. Test typu maturalnego na poziomie podstawowym – listening & reading – 8.06.2011

4. Test Vocabulary Unit 5 – 18.06.2011

5. Online Workbook Unit 5 deadline – 18.06.2011

6. Test Unit 5

7. Test Vocabulary ‘Inception’ – next school year 🙂

8. Test Vocabulary ‘Corpse Bride’ – next school year 🙂

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The League of Extraordinary Gentelmen

Coming soon!

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Corpse Bride by Tim Burton

Vocabulary list ready. Have a look 😉

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Vocabulary list in progress 😉


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