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Film: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Allan Quatermain is the protagonist of H. Rider Haggard’s 1885 novel King Solomon’s Mines and its various prequels and sequels. Allan Quatermain was also the title of a book in this sequence.

Wilhelmina “Mina” Harker (née Murray) is a protagonist and heroine in Bram Stoker’s horror novel Dracula.

Captain Nemo – literary figure of the novel by Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and Mysterious Island. He was designer, builder and commander of the submarine Nautilus.

Thomas “Tom” Sawyer is the title character of the Mark Twain novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer  (1876). He appears in three other novels by Twain: Adventures  of Huckelberry Finn (1884), Tom Sawyer Abroad (1894), and Tom Sawyer, Detective (1896).

In 80 days around the world is most popular novel by French writer Jules Verne, which was first published in 1872. It belongs to the series of novels Extraordinary Voyages.

Film: Dorian Gray

One of the darkest legends made ​​in the convention of Gothic horror based on the novel by Oscar Wilde.

Film: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Release date: 16 January 1912

Country of origin: United States

Henry Jekyll is experimenting with cocaine, all of a sudden he gets out of control and turns into hideous Jack Hyde `a. As Hyde spends his nights roaming the streets of London The police can not catch it, and Hyde, and so there is nothing left to lose

Jack the Ripper” is the best-known name given to an unidentified serial killer who was active in the largely impoverished areas in and around the Whitechapel district of London in 1888. Other nicknames used for the killer at the time were “The Whitechapel Murderer” and “Leather Apron”.


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My totally amazing house

I live in a spacious house, which is situated in a small town called Otmęt. My house is certainly big; it has three bedrooms, one huge bathroom, large kitchen and living room. There is also quite big patio, which is perfect for relaxing outside, especially in the summer. As for the inside, the house includes wooden floors, huge windows (which make rooms full of light) and a lot of flowers. The neighbourhood is OK, but could be better; not all people are nice, most of them are rather annoying and, for example, leave a lot of litter around our house or take their dogs for a walk right near it. As for question, who the house is suitable for, I’d say it is perfect for me and nobody else; it is MY house after all. 😀

*I will add some photo later.*


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It’s a big house with five bedrooms, two living rooms, two kitchens, two bathrooms and the garage. The house is in the heart of the beautiful village. At the back of the house there is the terrace and a big garden in which are friut trees and playground. the terrace there is ideal for eating outside in the summer. In the house there is a big straircase in one of the living rooms is a fireplace. The house has wooden floors, Internet and a big pantry. The village is quiet, but sometimes people aren’t so quiet. The house is near the groseries and the church. Not far there is a small airport, restaurant and pizzery. You can get into the city in 20 minutes.
this house is perfect for families. You can do whatever you want.

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My house

Would you like to stay in this cosy house in heart of the Tatra Mountains ?:)

It’s a small house, with two comfortable bedrooms, a living room with the fireplace and bookshelf so you can read books sitting in front of them. The house contains a small kitchen and one bathroom. From the window you can see beautiful views. The house has modern floors, cable television, and internet.

The neighbourhood is very quiet, the neighbours are very friendly and helpful. Near the house you can find a small shop. But if you want to do biggest shopping you have to visit a local town.

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About me :)

My name is Żaneta . I am from Opole.I am 15 years old, and I am a student new in this class. I have got dark hair and brown eyes. Usually I wear blue jeans. I llove jeans J. My favourite food is: fruits, vagetables, chicken, salads, sandwiches and french fries. My hobby is playin computer and reading. In my free time I listen to music and talking by skype. My friend name is Marta. I like to do many things when I have a free time. I’m hanging out with my friends twice a week. Sometimes I go with them to the cinema or to the disco. When I have a spare time, I always try to spend it in a best possible way. When I am at home, I usually read books, watch tv or do crossword puzzles. I also like spending time with my boyfriend.

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An amazing house ;)

Would you like to stay in beautiful semi-detached house in a village?

This is an amazing house with three bedrooms, a living room, a big kitchen, two bathrooms with bath and shower and a small room for kinds. The house has Internet. This house has also a garage and a big garden with a swimming pool and a lot of flowers. The neighbourhood is colorful and it’s nice for people who like nature. Next to this house there is a shop where you can buy everything! The house is a walking distance from the restaurant, playground and library and a short drive from a city.

This house is perfect for families with children and pets.

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My house

My house is located on the suburbs. It is a spacious, detached house with two bedrooms, spacious living room, modern kitchen and two bathrooms and large dining room with the balcony. The house has very big windows and wooden  floors. In front of the house there is a lovley garden with swimming pool. The neighbarhood is safe and colourful. There are nice, friendly people. The house is walking distance from stores, restaurants and the cinema.

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Castle by the Loaras river

Would you like to stay in a small castle by the Loaras river??

It’s a spaciaus castle with 7 bedrooms. Every bedrooms has got the “name” for example: Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday etc. At first sight the castle seems to be completly medieral but don’t be fooled. In fact, it is equiped with the latest technology, for instance the heated floor.In the basement there is a big kitchen (with the chef ). On the first floor there is a bathroom. The bathroom has got a bath with jacuzzi and shower.On the ground floor there is a big living room with TV set.

There are breathtaking views of the river and the garden with the swimming pool. Which is a extraordinary.It has been designed in a special way. It can change temperature of the water in a pool to certain weather condditions.

This castle is perfect for families and newly married couples because the area around it is peaceful and romantic.

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My house

My house is in a village, near the forest and the river. There are three bedrooms, a practical kitchen, a big bedroom. The rooms are on first groundfloor. there is also a living room with the television, set a glass table and chairs… It’s ideal for resting, eating, meeting friends. You can go out to the balcony. there are pets-rabbits and there usually sleep the dog. From the balcony you can see the garden. There are flowers: roses and lavendas, trees, a swimming pool, fireplace. Near the kitchen there is a larder with glass with vegetables, salads and fruits, for example strawberries, peach, paprica. my house is between neightbours houses. I love my house because here is so quetly and the view from windows are very paintful 😉

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my house

My flat is a big penthouse in LA, in the city centre.

It’s a nice 200-square-metre apartment on the 25th floor of a new building. It has one bedroom with balcony and two bedrooms without balcony , a big living room is connect with the kitchen and dining room, two bathrooms, music room and film room. The flat  is open spaces and stylish. In the bathroom is there a hudge bath with jacuzzi and sauna. In the penthouse there is a music room with two guitars, drums and piano, and film room withe big screen like in the cinema. In the living room there is a fireplace.

The neighbourhood is colorful and it’s nice for people like me who like eating out or giong to the cinema, clubs or for shopping. Subway station is on the street and it’s twenty-minute walk to Hollywood.

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